Harbinger Days (2/22/11)

A few sunny days and we think spring is just around the corner. At least I do. I want spring, I deserve spring, I am ready for spring. Truth is, it is just the end of mid winter. I call these seductively sunny, almost warm winter days Harbinger Days. Crocus are up, Daffodils are about to pop, some are blooming around the island. The chives are up enough to put some in potato pancakes. Tree and song sparrows singing, red wing blackbirds practically screaming their tantric songs. Goats are bred and their bellies are rounding out, the ducks are laying eggs again. Seed packs are scattered on most flat surfaces around the house, the seeding tables are up in the greenhouse, the peas, sweet peas and fava beans are planted. I bury my hands in a garden bed, coming up with a meatball of soil juicy with fat worms. I smell spring. But it is not quite yet. These are my markers and tasks of Harbinger Days. What are yours?

There are eggs and yogurt in the farm stand now.

You will find the new labels on eggs, cheese and yogurt. You may not want to see the price of eggs has gone up. Eggs are now $6.25/dozen. Now that I have my sexy green lock box, there’s no change, so plan accordingly. You can always write a check for any amount and become a Pay It Forward customer. Then you don’t have to worry about finding the quarters hiding on the floor of your car under last weeks’ banana peel.

Farmhouse Meals: There are seats at the table for the following dates:

March 5

March 19

$65 per person, wine not included.

My menu is inspired by walking out the back door and into the garden. Yes, even in the winter. I step into the harvest shed and I find potatoes. Ahhh, gnocchi! There are a few pumpkins left, maybe savory pumpkin souffle? The goats are still producing so there will be cheese. Perhaps a cheesecake with some of the last of the strawberries from last summer.

Please email me with your choice of date.

Happy Harbinger Days!


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