13 days ’til Solstice!

What a special treat this solstice brings; a full moon and a total lunar eclipse. I’m gonna get me some of that JuJu!
Funny how the first day of winter is the first day the sun starts its sneaky ascent back into the garden of our lives.
As I closed up the chickens, ducks and Luke the Goose at 4:45 this afternoon, I thought to myself, it’s still not winter yet!
4:45 this afternoon and the goats were all tucked in on their deck, chewing their cud, those crazy beautiful rectangular eyes hovering at half mast just before sleep.

I wanted to tuck myself into bed at 4:45 too. Take a book, L.C. the cat and snuggle in for a winters read and let the dark wrap around me and sleep.

4:45 and there is cheese to be made, smoked salmon to shrink wrap, goat milk soap to be labeled, menus to plan.
And dogs to be fed.
So I drink some Kombucha, turn on some music and make, wrap and label.

In the farm stand now:
Formagio Bianco cheese (it’s a soft white Italian cheese, similar to chevre)
Yogurt – It’s tangy delicious this time of year.

You can also order Hazlenuts from Filbert Acres in Puyallup.
$5 / pound in the shell. They will be delivered here to the farm Saturday afternoon.

There is still pork available. Email me for price list.

Cheescake! You can order your goat cheese cheesecake for Christmas or New Years. It is a very dense, rich lemony-vanilla cake with an almond crust. 10 inch, serves 10 -12 $50. with K-Jo Farm raspberry/strawberry topping .

Thank you for supporting your local farmers and your local economy.

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