Little Rascals

At one week old Peony, on the step, is almost as big as Licorice and Petunia. It is ever so evident though that she is the youngest. Even though she’s big, she’s a little uncertain about what to do with her long legs. Petunia and Licorice flip, flop and fly on and off the rock pile, shoving each other for the top spot. For the moment, Peony is content to explore the more secure surroundings of the steps. With birthing season over here at La Biondo farm, I am looking forward to more and more milk as summer heats up. It will heat up, yes? For the next few weeks, the kids will gobble up as much milk as they want, then they will have to share with me and you.

Today there is fresh cheese and yogurt in the farm stand. If you miss it today or tomorrow, do not despair, there will be more.

Also, there is crisp salad mix. The current stock of roasting chickens is sold out, BUT, it is not too early to reserve your autumnal equinox roasters. Did I say Autumn? How dare I say autumn while we desperately seek summer!

Thank you for your support of local farms!


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