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Zucchini will be enveloping the island soon.

Costada Romanesca, Tromboncino, Giambo, Eight Ball, Patty Pan, Yellow Crookneck, Sunburst,Piccolo, Cavili, Romulus PM (A trekki favorite), Latino, Black Beauty,Gold Rush, SlickPik, MultiPik, Plato, Magda, Geode, Soleil, and oh so many more………………………

The past week of warm summer weather has led me to watch my squash grow. As we work around the farm, I pass the squash beds several time a day. I swear that pumpkin vine was not that long 15 minutes ago.

Squash plants are such real estate hogs. Last year they grew up and over every obstacle on their way to Talequah. Okay, I don’t think they would have made it the 3 miles to the ferry dock, but it does make me wonder if they had the room and the time, could they? They would have to travel through the tree tops to avoid being eaten by deer I suppose. As I watched the vines climb up the chicken wire fence last year, I thought it might be a fun experiment to see if I really could grow squash up and over something. Rats had a picnic on my Sweet Thelma and Sweet Meat Squash last year which I didn’t discover until harvest. Maybe a trellis would keep more fruit off the rodent roadway. A few years ago, my cross the street neighbors pulled out all their short white fencing. I could not bare to see it go to the dump, so it has been living here, being moved around from here to there, always in the way of something, I am unwilling to part with it because you just never know…………….. Ah ha. All these years later, what if I turn it sideways and make a ladder for squash? With the help of neighbor John and garden partner Vicki, this is what we have. It works in magazines, let’s see if it works in life.

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