Hose Repair 101

  One of the more glamorous  tasks of farming is hose repair. A downward gusher at a break can cause the most amazing sink hole. An upward geyser is playtime for birds, a startling ankle chiller, or a cold slap in the face. Yes, I am a fan of the soaker hose. … Read More

Ordinary Magic

Overnight the petticoated fairy flower, also known as Columbine opens her skirt and floats the morning dew drops that will not drop while I watch.   Laying down on the job, into the soil Michele pokes the tiny green blades that will become giant golden orbs of savory sweet onions.   I … Read More

More than a Kitchen

Sunrise over the farm welcomes 2015 earlier this month. This morning was the first new moon of 2015 and therefore I believe it is still acceptable to wish you all a Happy New Year.  My theme this year is Grace and Renewal. For me grace is wrapped up with  renewal as my … Read More

In like a Lion

Under the sliver of a waning, crescent moon at 6:00 this morning I walked the soup and cheese out to the farm stand. Some day I may actually capture the moon as my eye sees it. The camera snaps it like a ball every time, never a sliver, a crescent or a … Read More

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