The La Biondo Farm to Table FOOD LAB

The Laboratory is a place for experiments and a recipe is the fruit of countless experiments, some delciously successful, some useful as learning tools. In the Food Lab we will experience the variables of heat, acid, salt, vinegar, fat and more.  We probably will not blow up the kitchen, but do come prepared to make some glorious mistakes. The chickens and goats are happy recipients of our culinary experiments.

Whether you are an experienced home chef or someone who thinks they don’t like to cook, you will return to your own kitchen with a new sense of adventure to create some magic of your own.

All Food Labs include a tour of the farm and gardens, a garden harvest lunch on Saturdays or light week night supper. Everyone will take home recipes and samples. All materials and supplies are provided unless  otherwise noted.

There are Food Labs for all ages and experience levels. Group Food Labs are also custom designed for private parties and your organizational team building experience.  

Food Labs are intensive and hands on. See what Food Labs are available today on the EVENTS page.