Spiteful Spring

We get a warm, sunny, Sunday. End of story.

Oh, I almost forgot; we had a warm, sunny Thursday.

This is a spiteful spring opening.

The annual spring fever of mating frogs has begun in the farms’ winter creek, a symphony of ribbetting love songs to all the lady froggies, the humming birds have descended by the dozens, flitting and twittering madly over the sugar water, glistening ruby red, emerald green and shimmering copper.


Daffodils smile brightly in spite of clouds, fog, drizzle or rain. In fact, they look even brighter on gloomy days, using the grey to accentuate their yellowness.
rhubarb 1200

When I saw the first little nubbin of rhubarb in February, I walked across the street to my horse owner neighbors with my wheelbarrow and filled it to the brim with poop; fresh, old, dry and/or wet, Rhubarb loves horse poop! And now a 20 foot row of rhubarb is blissed out and growing big, fat puckery stalks for syrup, pies and dipping in  the sugar bowl. My mouth waters writing, thinking and imagining rhubarb!

sugar snap peas 2017 1200

That one sunny Thursday last week?  June and I hustled out to the pea bed, fluffed and fed the soil which surprisingly was not a mud ball bed, put up the pea fence and planted the Sugar Snap peas that were almost knee high in the greenhouse. They were so happy to get out of those 4 inch pots, 8 plants to a pot, they twirled their tiny tendrils on the mesh fence and said  “We’re outta here!” and up the fence they scrambled. It was a tee shirt and tank top afternoon of getting as much done in the garden before the rains settled in again.

goose egg chicken egg

Look at that Goose EGG! On the left, this egg weighs 11.2 ounces, 6 ounces OVER the average goose egg weight. The chicken egg on the right weighs 2.2 ounces, an average weight. Trina the goose started laying her eggs in February and soon she will go broody and set on her clutch for about 30 days and 30 nights with her mate Luke loyally and steadfastly guarding her.

Luke Trina

So you see, in spite of our record setting rain, drizzle and showers, Spring has arrived and it will dry out.

One day.


Yes, it will dry out and before we know it, it will be too hot, too dry…

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