Supervising peas…

Joon gets very excited every January when we start drooling over this seasons’ possibilities from our seed catalogs.

Joon Pondering January

Joon Litty drooling over ctalogs

The seeds arrive in early February and Joon is always ready to help sort and open seed packets…

Joon with seed packs

Undeterred by his lack of thumbs, Joon Kitty opens and I do the rest of the work.

Joon opens seed packs

A good soak for a day or two or until I remember to plant the seeds in their pots…peas soking

And wait…but not for long. In just a few days they are up and running.

pea starts

Peas enthusiastically satisfy my need for immediate gratification…

snap peas in the beed

They scamper up the trellis…

sugar snap pea fence

until there is a wall of pea vines, white flowers…sugar snap pea wall

and bowls and bowls of super sweet, crunchy snap peas…

plump peas

and a vases of deliriously sweet smelling sweet peas.

sweet peas vase

The goats are clean up crew at the end of sugar snap pea season, munching away at all the sugar snap leaves and too fat, too tough peas that got lost in the vines.

goats finish the peas

Joon Kitty goes back to folding laundry, waiting and watching for his next supervisory activity.Joon folding laundry

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