Syrups and Shrubs Food Lab


Wed. July 1, 5PM — 8:30PM

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During the peak of fruit season, after you have made that 100th jar of jam and you have eaten your weight in berries, there is still still so much more juicy fruit to savor and there will be January when fresh fruit is just a sweet, longing memory.

Enter the Shrub!

A variation on the Arabic word sharab, meaning “to drink”, shrubs seem to have been discovered in 15th century England as a way to preserve fresh fruit. Piled into a big crock with sugar, the juice from the fruit was vibrant with bright fruity flavor, after a few weeks fermenting into vinegar, now popularly called “sipping vinegar “ or Shrub.

In this Lab we will make jam and fruit syrup and everyone will take home some starter shrub to season and ferment in your refrigerator. We will also mix  and taste some shrub cocktails , with and without alcohol.

We will also make hot buttermilk biscuits  with lots of butter and fresh strawberry jam, or maybe some crepes with fresh goat cheese and jam, or maybe we’ll just be inspired by each other to make something sweetly delicious.

Maximum 10 participants

Karen Biondo
Karen Biondo

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