Qlitz and Squalor and everything in between is compacted into Palermo. Mom and I ran head on into our own prejudice, fear and bias in an instant of being dropped off by our taxi driver in a ghetto near an open air market in the middle of Palermo center. The driver, unable … Read More


Alessandro was our Emilia Romagna guide for the day, charming, funny, smart and had the most melodic voice as he told us the how and why of Parmigiano, Balsamic and Prosciutto. I could fill a warehouse with all the photos and video of our day, but I will save you that suffering … Read More

First Stop- Bologna

I had this grand idea of a daily photo and musings chronicle of our trip to italy. So many things often work so much better in my imagination. On a good day, I am a dweeb in the world of technology; internet connection, cell data, roaming, hotspots, data vs. internet, global wifi, Vodafone, AAARRGH! … Read More

Spiteful Spring

We get a warm, sunny, Sunday. End of story. Oh, I almost forgot; we had a warm, sunny Thursday. This is a spiteful spring opening. The annual spring fever of mating frogs has begun in the farms’ winter creek, a symphony of ribbetting love songs to all the lady froggies, the humming … Read More

Zero to sixty two…

February 2, 2016, I will be 62. I do not remember this time when I was so pinchable. Mom remembers it like it was yesterday. I saw it on her face as we looked through a box of pictures together. In this picture she feels the soft squishy folds of fatness, she … Read More

Waiting for Frogs

  It is now past mid January, moving toward February when spring hopes eternal. Do you sense it too? Sunday I could smell it in the air; yes it was drizzling, dark and drear, but I caught it on a passing breeze, a slightly sweet familiar aroma of the promise of daffodils, … Read More

Hose Repair 101

  One of the more glamorous  tasks of farming is hose repair. A downward gusher at a break can cause the most amazing sink hole. An upward geyser is playtime for birds, a startling ankle chiller, or a cold slap in the face. Yes, I am a fan of the soaker hose. … Read More

Happy Anniversary

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May 1, 1999 I moved onto this property. I fell in love with the soil and the light. The love affair continues, ever more intensely as I have rooted myself like the old apple tree that stood on this land for who knows how many years. I believe growing food or any … Read More

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