IKEA by Joon

Several friends were conveniently unavailable and/ or unwilling to help me with a small IKEA project. They either had previous crazy making experience or they have seen the late night TV/YouTube IKEA bashing.

One rainy morning there was Joon Kitty, faux snoozing on his chair, disdainfully suspicious of the bits and pieces on the table above him.

joon ikea instructions

Huh? Really? You want me to help you build that?

joon 1

 Okay, but I want the tin foil ball when I’m done.

joon 2

Looks like we put this little white thingie where?



Maybe it goes like this?

joon 6

What am I to do with a tiny wrench thing? I do not have thumbs!

joon 7A

well, maybe it goes here?


Dag nab it , get over here!

joon 10

These instructions suck!

joon 9

I will shred them for the fire.

complete IKEA 2

I let the human finish.

joon done

I need my nap, you figure out where those white thingies go.


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  1. nan
    | Reply

    loved it. you so funny! and so smart to get that pt together!

  2. Carla O
    | Reply

    Oh, Karen! How on earth do you do this! So amazing. Love it!

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