More than a Kitchen

Sunrise over the farm welcomes 2015 earlier this month.

Winter Sunrise
Winter Sunrise

This morning was the first new moon of 2015 and therefore I believe it is still acceptable to wish you all a Happy New Year.  My theme this year is Grace and Renewal. For me grace is wrapped up with  renewal as my mom and I find our way back to each other after a very long estrangement. I believe this might qualify as a peak experience.

We celebrate this renewal with a new kitchen at

La Biondo Farm & Kitchen. There is a rich story here and I realize it is not yet time for that, but it will come.

Kitchen by Pam Ingalls
Kitchen by Pam Ingalls

As many of us know, Pam captures light brilliantly and this painting represents the romance of my kitchen and my love for being in the kitchen. Over the past 16 years here,  the flaws have been covered with the laughter and good cheer of many friends and the enjoyment of great meals together.

Future Farm To Table Food Lab
Future Farm To Table Food Lab

Over the next few months, Carlson Contracting Services will transform this space into my next farm project; The Farm To Table Food Lab. You will hear more about this in the coming weeks.

For the moment, I hope you enjoy watching our progress.

Look at that good dog Tank, looking and not grabbing.
Look at that good dog Tank, looking and not grabbing.

My god daughter Ginelle came up from Oregon a few years ago for Christmas, stayed until mid January  and painted all the cabinets and walls and gave the kitchen a bright face.

And then…..

POOF! It's  gone. (the cute cabinets doors are safely stored to be repurposed).
POOF! It’s gone. (the cute cabinets doors are safely stored to be repurposed).

POOF! It’s  gone. (the cute cabinets doors are safely stored to be repurposed).  We were hopeful to save and old fir floor, but alas, back in the 60’s and 70’s people thought gluing down really UGLY linoleum was a good idea and it just refuses to leave the premises. It will stay a layer of history for this little military house that was moved from Paradise Ridge to Paradise Valley in the 1960’s we think.
Stay tuned !

In the Farmstand Now !

Yes, there really is something delicious  there.

Strawberry Freezer Jam -- YUM!!
Strawberry Freezer Jam — YUM!!

It’s in the freezer. Strawberry Jam. Tastes like summer. The anticipation of the summer to come is in this little jar of sweetness.

Sweet Meat squash. Cooked , mashed and packaged in 1 pound containers for you to take home for soup, pie or just heat, add butter and enjoy!

Golden chicken stock from roasted chicken grown here at the farm.  Long simmered with onions, carrots and parsley from here on Vashon.

Salt added.

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  1. Carole Meriam
    | Reply

    Reading your commentary is wonderful Karen! Thank you. The photos are equally wonderful. Your mother must be very proud of you….I know I am…and I’m old enough to be your mother!

    Loved seeing you and your pups on the water. Keep their photos coming!

    Peace and love, Carole Meriam

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