Zero to sixty two…

February 2, 2016, I will be 62.

I do not remember this time when I was so pinchable. Mom remembers it like it was yesterday. I saw it on her face as we looked through a box of pictures together. In this picture she feels the soft squishy folds of fatness, she can smell Johnson & Johnson baby powder and she remembers I was a happy, easy baby. In these boxes Mom has carried around for over 60 years, there are pictures of me across time, in relationships with family, husbands (too many), friends and, as I line the photos on the table, in relationship to myself as I age.

I held a baby picture next to my face while looking in the mirror, trying to see the resemblance to myself. Definitely not in this pose! The folds of fatness would not be so cute, but the cowlicky hair is the same 62 years later.

baby biondo profile

Assuming Mom is true, that I was a happy baby, I wish to be true to that joyful happiness as I age and honor it as often as I can. Aging happens, only dying too soon will prevent it. If I live long enough, I will be old. 62 is not old. Unless I am talking to my 17 year old friend June and does she identify me as old? I am not sure, and I am not sure I want to ask her. I will be old when I can no longer buck up Alfalfa at 100 pounds per bale, which I have been doing with my neighbor for 17 years and he has twelve, fifteen or so years on me, so he’s not old either!

biondo alfalfa

I was born, I am here. We all have stories between born and here and birthdays are an opportunity to acknowledge who we are, where we have been in life, where we want to go next. I believe we are NEVER too old for Dr. Seuss: Today is your Day! You’re off to Great Places! You’re Off and Away! You have brains in your head and feet in your shoes! You can steer yourself any direction you choose!

Amy Jean 50th Birthday Southgate Roller RinkMaybe not so good at steering with these shoes!



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  1. Emily Herrick
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday (early), Karen! Fun post. Having just turned 60, I agree that 62 is NOT old.

  2. Susan
    | Reply

    Love your aliveness!

  3. Tom | Tall Clover Farm
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday Karen, from a man within earshot of Geezerhood. Truth be told, I don’t think either you or I will be growing up anytime soon. Congratulations on a milestone of good living and good health.

  4. Jill Johnson
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday, Karen!!! I loved this post. I will be 60 in about a month and a half. I’m not quite sure how it happened. The age thing comes up intermittently, like when I unwittingly make a reference to something that relates to a time before the person I’m speaking to was born.

  5. Carole Meriam
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday Karen!!! 62 sounds wonderful!
    Mine will be 77 on the 4th, and again, I can’t get over how old that sounds.

  6. Sandy S
    | Reply

    Happy Happy Birthday and year and life, Karen. I miss you!!! I celebrate you!! I will always appreciate you!! Love, love, Sandy

  7. Auntie
    | Reply

    Happy birthday Boobie. Even as a baby, you had attitide.
    Love, Auntie

  8. Roberta Maykrantz
    | Reply

    Oh. and I meant to mention, I well remember that baby picture of you. A real cutie .

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